The lake is full!

We have had some good rain in the last week or ten days, and the lake is now full once more. It is a wonderful sight, all the more so because of the importance of this water for people in the local towns and villages.

If we are lucky the rains will continue for a few more weeks, the overflow from our lake will go on to fill other small tanks and lakes, and the water table will rise even further, to the delight of the farmers.

When you live in a country like India you realise just how precious a resource water is, and how important it is to preserve what we have.

I have just been out with my camera to record the lake, but then decided not to upload the pictures. After all, the photos I have just taken can never improve on the banner at the top of this blog!

If you want to see the view for yourself then you know where we are, and you will be most welcome!


7 thoughts on “The lake is full!

  1. I am so pleased to know the lake is full again it is so beautiful to see even when it was half empty as see’s different animals coming to the water edge to feed and drink. We hope to come again in the not too distant future.

    • We are lucky that, no matter how little rain there is, so far this lake has never run dry. We also supplement the water supply for the local wildlife with a small pond we keep filled so that, when the lake is very low, they don’t have to travel too far from the forest and out of their comfort zone!

  2. So glad to hear that the lake is full this year after so much drought. I was shocked to see how much the water had receded on my last visit last November from the previous year.

    • We are hopeful that it won’t just be our lake that is replenished. The retreating monsoon is only just starting and we have overspill which is causing a small river. This will go on to fill other small lakes and ponds. That didn’t happen last year, and the lake never reached capacity. With rains due for the next month or so, things are looking good!

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