India Becoming…

India Becoming by Akash Kapur

It is almost five years now since I moved to Lakeside, and in that time I have seen a great number of changes to the way people live here in Tamil Nadu. The pace of change in India is breath-taking and I have often found it difficult to describe to ‘non-Indians’ what it is really like, partly because my own experience here only covers such a short time. How can I tell you about the way life in a big city has changed? Or the changing role of women? Or the massive differences in life for a youngster in rural India as compared to the experiences of their parents?

Well, now I don’t need to tell you! I’ve just finished reading ‘India Becoming’ by Akash Kapur, and it has been a revelation. Kapur was born in Tamil Nadu before moving to the US as a child. He returned to his native country in 2003 to raise his own children in the emerging India. Kapur was struck by the struggle India is having to find the balance between the old and new and so began to interview local Tamils to try to understand their experiences. From this grew his book ‘India Becoming’ which, for me, very clearly shows life for Tamils today, their links to the past and their hope for the future.

If you want a more ‘in-depth’ view of Tamil Nadu than I, an outsider, can give, then I can highly recommend this book.


3 thoughts on “India Becoming…

  1. Having read your entry, I have now bought the book from amazon…..along with several others. All in paperback instead of on my Kindle. I have recently bought a couple of paperback novels and realized how much I missed the actual turn of a page and feel of a book in my hand. So I will have a few in my backpack for my journey to India and Lakeside and Thailand in November and December…as well as my Kindle.

  2. Hi! Just bought it at Ooty Higginbothams on your recommendation… Sorry we passed by Madurai without stopping by. I actually tried to log on to contact you a couple of times, but was having a hopeless time with my sim card and gave up in despair. Had an interesting time in Madurai, though, including a visit to Akshya Trust & Narayanan Krishnan.

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