Dying traditions in an emerging India

You may have read some of my posts about local traditional crafts which seem to be disappearing (potter, coracle fishermen, buildersari weaver ). I can well understand how the young people of today want a better life for themselves. Everyone is looking for a job which is less physically demanding, which pays more and gives them more time to spend with their families. The problem is that many skills are being lost as the younger generation shun the arduous, poorly paid jobs of their parents. So what happens to those skills? Will they be lost forever? Will they be ‘re-discovered’ in a few years and be used to set up ‘themed’ museums where people can go to see what life used to be like in India?

We at Lakeside are not the only ones who struggle with this. Take a look at this post from les3elephants, a resort in Kerala. Maybe you will have to visit India and stay there while you can still sleep under the traditional roofs built of bamboo and coconut!

The way forward for India is difficult, challenging and exciting. The question of disappearing skills has no real answer. All we can do is wait and see what develops over the next few years…


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