De-silting at the dam

As you know, the monsoon rains were a dismal failure last year.

Kamarajar Lake is used as drinking water for our local town of Dindigul and so the level is falling rapidly as more and more water is pumped out. This always happens during the summer, but this year the levels are exceptionally low.

The local government has ordered that all reservoirs should be de-silted, and work began here on 10th May. The photos were all taken on 16th and show just what a serious situation we face – and the levels are even lower than that now!

The south west monsoon should be with us soon, and we hope that that will bring some respite. Forecasts are that the rains should hit the coast of Kerala on or around 3rd June. The western ghats should get some good rain although we will get much less as we are in their shadow – but we do take some of the river water which flows in this direction from the hills so we are hoping to see a rise in the levels for a time. Of course, the water level will still continue to fall as water goes to Dindigul and it won’t be until November or December that the lake is full again. Let us hope that the monsoon doesn’t let us down this time.

Kamaraj Dam Athoor

This shows just how much silt has built up over the last 50 years.  It will take a lot of work to get back to original levels. (Dam and overflow on the left, lake on the right!)

De-silting Athoor lake

Photo taken on the lake bed.


Looking towards the dam.


When the lake is full the tree roots are under water.


There is probably 10 feet or more of silt here.







6 thoughts on “De-silting at the dam

  1. That is a huge job. I can’t see how they will be able to remove that much silt without using a large fleet of lorries and causing massive congestion on the local roads, that is unless they are piling it up close to the reservoir.

    • Two major problems here:
      1. have neglected the lake for many years so there’s a lot of catching up to do. If they were to de-silt every year it would make a big difference.
      2. Local roads are single track so there is only so much traffic they can take!
      The water situation is always an issue here so I think that de-silting will become more regular and so the depth of the lake will (we hope) increase over the coming years)

  2. What a difference from last year when we visited Lakeside and and again earlier this year when the reservoir was low but not hoe it is now. It must have a great affect on wildlife especially the bird population. More needs to be done.

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