Fishing birds of south India

Fishing the Kerala Backwaters is not confined too humans.  These are some of the birds I photographed in just one afternoon whilst leading a tour earlier this year.

Darter Kerala backwaters

The Darter is a beautiful bird, a little like a cormorant but with a longer neck which gives it its common name of ‘snake bird’ as the darter sits very low in the water so that its long neck looks like a water snake.

snakebird India

There are, of course, plenty of kingfishers on the Backwaters.

kingfisher Kerala

Stork billed Kingfisher

Stork billed kingfisher Kerala backwaters

Another common bird seen all over the continent is the Indian pond heron.

Indian pond heron Kerala

Egrets are also very common fishing birds in southern India.

egret South India

As the Backwaters run parallel with the sea coast there also plenty of gulls fishing in the area.

gull, Kerala

bird Kerala backwaters

Cormorants can be see throughout Kerala and Tamil Nadu as they are very partial to a nice piece of fish!

cormorant and fish Kerala

fishing cormorant Kerala backwaters

One of my favourite birds is the brahminy kite which can be seen fishing both fresh and salt waters of the Indian sub-continent.

Brahminy kite Kerala

Kite with fish

Brahminy kite in flight

Hopefully some of you may one day book a holiday with us and I can show you these beautiful creatures live and in their natural habitat!


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