The United Nations at Lakeside

One of the things I love about living at Lakeside is meeting people from all over the world.  We have some great conversations and many a friendship has been made over the dinner table on the roof!

We currently have 10 guests – 2 English, 2 Belgian, 2 Indian and 4 Dutch – with careers ranging through teacher, physiotherapist, PA for a senior executive in a well known airline, professional driver, engineer and steel producer, T shirt manufacturer and someone developing the use of drama with teenagers in India.

All of the guests speak English to a greater or lesser degree and, regardless of the difference in nationality, career or leisure interests (or perhaps because of it!), the group get on very well and have enjoyed some great times together.

We will certainly be sad to see them go as they leave us one by one, but we can be consoled with the knowledge that new guests will be joining us with equally varied, exciting and interesting lives and stories to tell!

united nations


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