Coffee, cakes and home made bread…


Dindigul is a very provincial town in Tamil Nadu which means that we miss the lovely cakes and coffees you can get in the UK.  To our delight a western style cafe has now opened in the town!


The other day I took some guests on our first visit to ‘Butterscotch Creams and Cafe’.  It has a lovely array of cakes, brioche, scones, pizzas, sandwiches as well as coffee and cold drinks.  It is also possible to buy some lovely home-baked wholemeal bread. 



Add to all that a pleasant environment, A/C and free wifi and you see that DIndigul really is trying to take one step closer to the 21st century!





3 thoughts on “Coffee, cakes and home made bread…

  1. Interesting. Food from the Indian sub-continent is so all-pervasive in the UK, it would be nice to think that a little bit of British life could go the other way. Other than the English language, which I have heard is widely spoken as a second language in India, are there many examples of British culture that you come across in day to day life in southern India? If you get the chance, that would make for a post that I’d be very interested to read.

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