The swallow and the dragonfly

I got back from the UK on Friday in time to meet some new guests who were wonderful and we really enjoyed having them here at Lakeside.  They left this morning and I took the opportunity to go for my first horse ride since arriving back (and before the next guests arrive this afternoon!)

The UK is cold and damp at the moment so it was lovely to be out in the Indian sunshine enjoying the sound of the birds, seeing the people going about their daily lives, and feeling that I’ve come home.

It has been raining recently and there are a lot of dragonflies around at the moment.  I had an awesome experience riding into the middle of a swarm of them with around 30 or 40 swallows swooping and diving to catch their lunch.  As I was on horseback the birds took little notice of me so I just halted and watched.  The were flying within inches of me around my head, under the horse, all wheeling and swooping as though in an ariel ballet.  It was a truly amazing five minutes and the best welcome back to Tamil Nadu.

I can’t take credit for this beautiful photograph.  Please check out BirdForum is you would like to see more!


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