Flower power – mountains of marigold

Flowers play an important role in Indian life, from the enormous garlands exchanged by bride and groom at a wedding to the small string of jasmine flowers worn in the hair daily.

 Almost every home has its shrine to their favourite god and flowers are placed before it daily.  Many of the shops we use have pictures of the gods, and also photos of the parents of the current owners.  Again, daily offerings of flowers are made.

And where do all these flowers come from?  They are grown in the countryide, picked in the early hours of the morning, taken by bus to the local town and sold in the flower market.

 Dindigul has a wholesale market where flowers are bought by weight by people who have small stalls where they make garlands, there are also many people making garlands in the market itself.

It is a wonderful place to visit, full of vibarnt colours and scents.  Huge piles of marigolds lay beside smaller piles of jasmine of white or pink or bright orange.  The people are warm and friendly and keen to have their photograph taken.

Dindigul flower market is loved by all of our guests who visit it.


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