The joys and woes of a writers retreat

Lakeside is the ideal place for a writer. 

Much of my thinking and planning happens whilst I’m walking down by the lake – often whole conversations take place in my head and are written down when I get back home.

Most writers look for peace and seclusion to get their ideas down on paper (or more frequently nowadays, on the laptop!) and I find no better environment than sitting on the veranda with a view of the lake, laptop in front of me and fresh fruit juice by my side.

Thanks to Lakeside I’ve been able to finish my debut novel which was published this weekend.

Those are the joys of my ‘writers retreat’ here at Lakeside.  And the woes?  Uploading the manuscript and cover with poor connectivity!  Still, it’s done now and I hope you get a chance to read ‘Heronfield’ at some time.

And to any writers out there looking for a ‘hideaway’ where they can write in peace?  Don’t forget us here at Lakeside!


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