Flocks of fledglings

Everywhere you look at the moment you can see birds which have recently fledged and which are beginning to make their way in the world.  With 7.5 acres of trees and shrubs Lakeside is a haven for nesting birds.  We currently have young babblers, bulbuls, parakeets, francolins, red-wattled lapwings and many others in the gardens.  We also have nests of nightjars, coppersmith barbets, Indian robins – and no doubt many more that I’m unaware of!

 I couple of weeks ago I was ‘divebombed’ by red-wattled lapwings as I walked in the garden.  It was obvious that they were trying to lead me away from their nest.


They lay their eggs on the ground, and they are so stone like that you can walk within inches of them and not see them.  It is such good camouflage that some must get trodden on at times!







When the babies hatch they already have a fine set of feathers (more like young chickens than young robins which are born naked).  As the nest is in the open the chicks are up and running almost immediately and you would have to be very lucky to see them leaving the nest.



They will hide in the bushes until mum and dad come to feed them.  If you walk to close to the hidden chicks you get dive bombed yet again!



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