Bonnet macaques – Indias little gremlins!

I recently accompanied some guests on one of our tours, and during that time we visited Thekkady which is on the border of the Periyar Wildlife Park; but you don’t have to go into the park to see wildlife!

On my hotel balcony!

Right outside our hotel was a troop of bonnet macaque which get their name from the tuft of hair on the top of their head which looks a bit like a hat. These monkies can only be found in India. They sometimes eat small invertebrates like worms and insects, they even chase flying grasshoppers; they are also keen on fruits and nuts, seed, cereals and flowers. They have little fear of humans where the two species live closely side by side and the macaque has a reputation of being a nuisance – stealing food, getting into houses and causing damage etc. Of course it doesn’t help that tourists often encourage them by feeding them!

Troop of Bonnet Macaqure monkies, Kerala

From what we could see this appears to be the season for the bonnet macaques to give birth as there were a number of very young babies, (just a few days old). Females give birth to just one young at a time, and the baby has the distinct look of a gremlin about it!.

From the supposed age of the younger female and her behaviour I would guess that she is the one year old daughter of the mother in the following photos. She was very proud and possessive of her new little brother and spent a lot of time watching how her mother handled him before trying it herself. The best way to learn how to be a good mum before she grows up!

One could almost imagine these two mothers at a ‘mothers and babies club’ back in the UK!


6 thoughts on “Bonnet macaques – Indias little gremlins!

    • I’m afraid not, and I’m afraid he’s not smiling.
      This macaque was sitting on my hotel balcony and there was a larger male who is higher in the socail ranking sitting on the roof and threatening the one in the picture.
      I’m afraid that this little chap is not smiling but is showing submission to the big guy!

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