The Sheep and the Goats – an Indian goatherder

The village goatherder

Sheep and goats are a valuable commodity in Tamil Nadu, and it is no exception for the villagers around Lakeside.

The animals follow their owner without the need of a sheepdog to keep them under control, and they spend the day moving from one patch of grazing to another.  Favourite grazing is the fresh sweet grass at the edge of the lake as the waters recede during the hot season.  Some of the roads in the area can become a little overgrown during the year but the sheep and goats act as natural pruners when the lake is full and they can’t get down to the shore!

Children often help their parents with the animals at weekends and during the school holidays.  It is not so long ago that children like this would not have been able to afford to go to school, but now that education is free there is a chance for all to make a better life for themselves.  You can see from his expression however, that it is still fun to be out in the countryside with the animals!


4 thoughts on “The Sheep and the Goats – an Indian goatherder

  1. Hey: thanks for using the time of creating up this important information. I generally aim to further my knowledge of things. Regardless of whether I concur or disagree, I love knowledge. I just remember the olden times when the only supply of important information was the library or even the newspaper. They both appear to be so archaic. : )

    • I’m glad you find what I write interesting and informative.
      I too remember the weekly trip to the library, finishing my books in a couple of days then desperate for the weekend to come round again so that I could get more! We are so lucky to live in the internet age where everything you want is at the click of a button!

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