South India Tour with a difference

Hi, I’m back!! It’s been a busy week which meant I couldn’t really find the time for a decent post.

Why so busy? Well, we own a company in the UK called South India Tours. We currently have a group of 10 travelling on a 21 day holiday with us, and they have just spent 6 nights at Lakeside. They are a great bunch of people who were combining a holiday in South India with a visit to some charity projects which they support.  The charity was started by the previous owner of Lakeside in the 1960’s and has educated thousand of children who would otherwise have had no hope of a decent future.

Our manager, Kennedy, has gone offf with them on the final leg of their holiday so now I only have a few guests and can find the time to get back online!  Took a lovely walk this morning to enjoy the warm spring weather – and the great views around here.

Kamarajar Dam


2 thoughts on “South India Tour with a difference

    • Yes, south India is beautiful and fascinating and frustrating and addictive all at the same time! I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to live here and to use my tour company and guesthouse to help others experience this wonderful country.
      Dorinda (lakesideindia)

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