Indian robin

You can tell by his silhouette that this little bird is a robin, but his colouring is very different to the European robin that I was used to seeing back in the UK with its red breast. The Indian robins behaviour is similar to his European cousin though – he can be aggressive when defending his territory!
Thankfully we have 7.5 acres here at Lakeside so there is plenty of space for more than one pair of robins to breed in comfort. This is a male, the female is a dun brown without the white wing flashes – but she still has the red under-root of her tail!
This photo was taken in the gardens at Lakeside.


2 thoughts on “Indian robin

  1. He doesn’t look like a robin, he’s not fat enough! lol Great photo though. Have you tried cropping the photo a bit more? It might help focus more on the bird than the background?


  2. Thanks. he is a bit slimmer than the European version isn’t he – but maybe that’s because he doesn’t have to fluff up his feathers to keep warm!
    I see what you mean about cropping, I had considered it but lliked the way this seems to show him contemplating taking off and disappearing into the distance. I’ll crop it as well and see which I like best!

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