Aquinas – or Karma?

Just a little about myself –

Every day I look around me and see the beauty of nature. My home, Lakeside, nestles at the foot of the western ghats (a chain of mountains in southern India), overlooks a lake and is backed by Reserve Forest – it is also miles from the noisy traffic which is usually associated with India! So, how did I come to live in such a secluded paradise as Lakeside which is so off the beaten track?

Saint Thomas Aquinas would have said that everything is caused by something which preceded it. If that is the case then my being here is linked to an event back in 1974 (and, of course, the causes which led to that event can be traced even further back!)

I was still a teenager at school when a man called Joe Homan came to tell us about the ‘Boys Towns’ he had set up in India to help educate homeless children. So inspiring was he that I began to support the charity as soon as I could, and encouraged the school where I taught to sponsor boys too. Joe would come to the school every year to talk to our English students; on each visit he also invited me to visit him and the projects in India. So in 2007 Pete and I ventured to Tamil Nadu and stayed at the guesthouse which Joe had built. He is getting on in years now and said he wanted to sell. Pete and I are not the sort of people who make quick decisions so it was a surprise to us both that we had agreed by the end of that day to buy Lakeside if at all possible!

What followed that decision is a long story, and I’ll write more of that later, but suffice to say November 2008 saw us the proud owners of 7.5 acres of paradise in southern India. Aquinas’ theory that everything has a cause is correct – look where it brought me. Yet, now that I am in India, perhaps I should look at the philosophies here to try to understand how I have come to be so lucky. If so I must believe that I was a very good person in a former life to allow me to have the life I have now. Living at Lakeside – that’s my Karma!


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