Welcome to my new blog!


My name is Dorinda and I own Lakeside with my husband Pete.  We are both English and first came to India in 2007 on holiday.  While here we stayed at a wonderful property called Lakeside.  The owner said that he was selling, we had a mid-life crisis and…here we are!  Our aim is to help people travelling to India get an experience of rural life which they seldom see on an organised tour, so we have developed Lakeside to provide quality accommodation to western standards in a beautiful part of rural Tamil Nadu, South India.  For those who know something of the area, we are not far from the temple city of Madurai.  We have both rooms and cottages available for both short and long stays and are a popular ‘resting spot’ for many people on tours in the south.  With stunning views of the lake and the foothills of the western ghats, a large swimming pool, 7.5 acres of gardens, clean and comfortable accommodation to European standards, and a reputation for excellent food we have many guests who return time and again to enjoy the peace and seclusion of Lakeside. You can find out more about Lakeside here.

Blogging is a new venture for me; this is my first blogging site and my first post!  I intend to develop the site to give you an insight into my life here in beautiful Tamil Nadu.  Over the next weeks I shall be adding pages to tell you a little more about myself and the journey that led me here; allowing you a glimpse into life at Lakeside and the stimulating, interesting and overall incredibly friendly guests we get here; I will also introduce you to some of the flora and fauna we have here on the edge of the Reserve Forest including a stunning variety of wild birds.  For those who come to stay with us at Lakeside we give a taste of life in rural India which has remained the same for centuries but is now beginning to change with India’s changing role in the world; for those who travel via the computer screen let me introduce you to this world of villages, towns and cities, the welcoming and friendly people and the incredibly beautiful landscapes.  This is an exciting time to be in an exciting place and I hope I will be able to convey that to you through my posts.

Welcome to lakesideindia!



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog!

  1. This sounds lovely. Too bad I didn’t know about this sooner. I was staying near Pondicherry in Tamil Nadu and friends and I were looking to get away to a nice place with hot showers (lol).
    Bonne Courage on your new venture!

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